Branch Campuses

The University of New Mexico has as its primary responsibility the task of serving the citizens of the State by offering opportunities for higher education. Toward that purpose, the University also operates four branches–2-year colleges–which provide academic and vocational training leading to certificates, associate degrees and transfer to baccalaureate programs. Additionally, the University offers graduate and upper-division programs in Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Gallup and Taos.

Academic credits earned by students while attending a branch campus of the University of New Mexico are transferable to appropriate schools and colleges on the main campus of the University. Academic credits are also transferable to other colleges and universities in New Mexico and other states on the same basis as credit earned on the main campus. Vocational-technical credits are readily transferable to similar programs at other institutions and may be acceptable upon petition to baccalaureate degree programs at the University of New Mexico and other baccalaureate institutions. Students enrolling at the branches should contact a representative from the baccalaureate college of their choice to determine which courses are applicable toward the degree desired.

All communications regarding entrance to the branches should be addressed to the appropriate branch campus admissions office.

The University of New Mexico–Gallup

Dr. Sylvia Rodriguez Andrew, Director
200 College Road
Gallup, NM 87301
(505) 863-7501

The Gallup Campus was established to fulfill the educational needs of this large diverse multicultural region. Growth and development will continue in accord with the desires of the people who reside in this service area.

Opened on September 16, 1968, the University of New Mexico Gallup Branch has grown from operating out of the Gallup High School to its present campus on more than
80 acres. In October 1985 the college moved into its new complex. It includes additional classrooms, faculty offices, a student services complex, administrative offices, student food services area and remodeling of the Career Education Building. The new Zollinger Library was completed in March 2001, and the new Health Career Center and Zuni Campus opened in 2002. In addition, there were expansions to the PE complex and a math/sciences addition.

The University of New Mexico Gallup Branch Campus is committed to the philosophy that post-secondary educational opportunities should be provided to all individuals regardless of age, gender, race, religious affiliation or handicap.

Post-secondary educational opportunities are essential in a community the size of Gallup to assist with its economic growth and social changes. The Gallup campus has no greater purpose than that of making higher education available to all. From this philosophical base emerge the following goals of the Gallup Campus:

  • The University of New Mexico–Gallup will foster and promote educational opportunities through aggressive recruitment efforts and systematic retention strategies.
  • The University of New Mexico–Gallup will continue to build new collaborations with community stakeholders while solidifying our existing interactive partnerships.
  • The University of New Mexico–Gallup, partnering with students and stakeholders, will determine and maintain a positive learning environment, now and for the future.
  • The University of New Mexico–Gallup will diversify sources of funding needed to support our activities.
  • The University of New Mexico–Gallup will develop and refine communication systems to enhance internal and external relationships.

The College offers academic courses transferable to the University of New Mexico main campus and to other institutions. Also available is a full range of preparatory and vocational-technical courses. The Gallup Branch Campus offers degree and certificate programs in a variety of academic and technical fields. The student may earn an Associate of Science degree, an Associate of Arts, or an Associate of Applied Science degree. The College also offers a number of certificate programs.

The College also operates four Adult Basic Education Centers. The centers are located in Gurley Hall, the Northside Campus, UNM-G South-Zuni and Navajo. The Centers provide instruction in preparation for the GED exam, Adult Basic Education tutoring and workshops and also, English as a Second Language (ESL) at the Northside location. The program is a branch of the Transitional Studies Program. The College offers the GED exam on a monthly basis. The GED exam is also available in Spanish.

The College also serves as a Center for Career and Technical Education for high school students. High school students are bussed in daily for two-and-one-half hours of instruction in career and technical education fields. Students come to the Gallup campus from the Fort Wingate BIA School, Gallup Catholic School, Gallup Christian School, Gallup McKinley County School District, Rehoboth Christian School, Middle College High School, and the Zuni School District. Students are dually enrolled for up to fifteen credits in the following disciplines: Automotive Technology, Business Technology, Collision Repair Technology, Construction Technology, Cosmetology, Criminal Justice, Culinary Arts, Design and Digital Media, Early Childhood Multi-Cultural Education, Fire Science Technology, Health Careers, Multi-Vocational Service Occupations, Students Achieving New Directions, and Welding Technology.

The Middle College High School (MCHS) is a New Mexico public charter middle college high school located on the University of New Mexico–Gallup campus in portables next to the Gymnasium. Students from the area who are residents of New Mexico with 10 high school credits can enroll into this rigorous academic and career-focused program. The MCHS has a small enrollment of only 60 students who can take part in the program. A lottery is held before each semester for enrollment. The MCHS students are enrolled both in the high school program to earn their diploma as well as with the University of New Mexico–Gallup. Students take college courses only while earning both college and high school credits. Students are also required to take part in other components of the MCHS program. These include: small group seminar, tutoring, professional mentoring, job shadowing, service learning and work-study.

The goals of the Middle College High School are to:

  1. Provide high quality, learning-centered education through a seamless continuum between high school and college:
    • i. Earn a high school diploma while earning college credits.
    • ii. Explore vocational and career aspirations.
    • iii. Prepare themselves for college: Certificate, A.A.
  2. The staff members provide support in an atmosphere that is caring and yet have high expectations of the students. The charter requires that students must receive a C- or better in a college course in order for the credit to transfer to their graduation transcript.

    Entrance packets for the MCHS can be picked up in the MCHS office in Calvin Hall, portables next to the gymnasium, from May through July for the Fall semester and from August to December for the Spring semester. All students must meet the minimum requirements of the program before they can be registered.

    For more information contact the MCHS at (505) 722-9945.

    The College also offers a number of courses at its satellite campus located in Zuni, New Mexico.

    UNM Gallup Bachelor and Graduate Programs
    A Main Campus department located in Calvin Hall, Room 228, offering students the opportunity to start and complete B.A., B.S. and Graduate programs on the Gallup Campus.

    B.S.N. Completion Program

    The University of New Mexico College of Nursing offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Completion program for RNs. For specific information, contact the College of Nursing Advisement Office at (505) 272-4223.

    R.N./B.S.N. Completion

    Degree Completion Program for Registered Nurse Students

    All registered nurses seeking entrance into the College of Nursing must meet requirements for admission to the University and to the College of Nursing. Also needed are: a valid R.N. license; at least 26 hours of college course work applicable to the B.S.N. degree; and a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.50.

    A requirement of the College of Nursing is that all students complete ENGL 102, Composition II: Analysis and Argument prior to enrolling in any upper-division nursing courses. For students admitted prior to 2006, Pathophysiology and the NLN Mobility Profile II exams must be completed prior to enrolling in the B.S.N. completion option.

    College credit earned in associate degree nursing programs or in hospital-based diploma schools of nursing is transferable to the University, provided the original program was offered in a regionally accredited institution and the nursing program was accredited by the National League for Nursing. Such credit may be applied toward meeting the graduation requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. See Transfer of Credit.

    R.N. students are allowed to accelerate through the upper-division major according to individual capacity based upon a credit by examination process and enrollment in required nursing courses. Each R.N. student must demonstrate achievement of the outcomes expected of all College of Nursing baccalaureate students.

    Each registered nurse student is counseled individually to help clarify career goals and to plan an educational program which will be of greatest benefit in meeting those goals.

    Prospective registered nurse students are urged to contact the College of Nursing Student Advisement Office prior to registration. The College of Nursing supports career mobility for nurses.

    B.A. Education Degree Program

    Through the College of Education (Division of Learning and Teaching), students are able to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education or a B.A. in Early Childhood Multicultural Education at the Gallup Campus. Depending upon the student’s special area of interest, some course work may have to be completed at the Albuquerque campus. For specific information, contact the Extended University Office at the Gallup Campus, (505) 863-7767.

    B.S. Business Administration Degree Program

    Through the Anderson Schools of Management, students are able to earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at the Gallup Campus. For specific information, contact the Extended University Advisor at (505) 863-7618.

    Bachelor of University Studies Program

    Students are able to earn a Bachelor of University Studies degree at the Gallup Campus. The B.U.S. is an interdisciplinary Bachelor’s degree program that allows students to design a program of study that meets their academic or professional needs. For specific information, contact the Extended University Advisor at (505) 863-7767.

    Graduate Studies at Gallup

    Several Graduate Programs in Education are offered on the Gallup Campus through the University of New Mexico College of Education. For information on degrees and individual course offerings call (505) 863-7703.

    The Division of Learning and Teaching in the College of Education at the University of New Mexico offers Master of Arts programs in elementary and secondary education at the Gallup Branch campus. For additional information regarding the program and for application packets, you may inquire at the University of New Mexico–Gallup with the Extended University Office, (505) 863-7618.

The University of New Mexico–Los Alamos

Dr. Cedric Page, Director
4000 University Drive
Los Alamos, NM 87544
(505) 662-5919

The University of New Mexico–Los Alamos provides quality education through a variety of programs with over 40 areas of study, 19 associate degree programs and 15 certificate programs. The University of New Mexico–Los Alamos has an open admission policy that permits entry to all interested students. Advisors at the University of New Mexico–Los Alamos work closely with students who want to obtain an associate degree, a certificate and/or transfer to any four-year institution. Many of our graduates transfer to the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.

The college offers small class sizes with an average of 15 students and some of the lowest tuition rates in northern New Mexico. The campus is located on a beautiful mesa near the Jemez Mountains, richly vegetated with trees and other native plants. The University of New Mexico–Los Alamos’s strong points include several computer labs, art studios, a photo lab, a library offering both traditional and electronic resources, changing art exhibits and an ongoing music concert series. Other convenient amenities include the University of New Mexico–LA Café and off-campus student housing. Student housing offers affordable dormitories located in convenient downtown Los Alamos.

The University of New Mexico–Los Alamos has strong ties to the Los Alamos community, and the proximity of the campus to Los Alamos National Laboratory provides educational and professional opportunities to the University of New Mexico–Los Alamos students. Many of our talented faculty work in the community or at the Laboratory.

A variety of specialized programs complement academic studies at the University of New Mexico–Los Alamos. Some of these programs include:

New Beginnings–designed to help students making major life transitions: single parents, pregnant teens, someone in the workforce needing to upgrade skills or a person in the midst of some other major life change.

Cooperative Education Program (COOP)–allows students to earn credit through work-related experiences. Students may work for local employers to obtain college credit. Many COOP students work at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Alliance for Minority Participation (AMP)–promotes science studies among minority groups. It provides scholarships and networking opportunities for students who major or plan to major in science, math, engineering or technology.

Electro-Mechanical Technology Program–is co-sponsored by the University of New Mexico–Los Alamos and the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Participating students are assigned to work under the guidance of Laboratory technical staff or senior technicians. A portion of the student’s workday is spent at the University of New Mexico–Los Alamos attending academic courses specially designed for and relating to their position. At the end of two years, students complete a certificate in Electro-Mechanical Technology. Continued employment at the Laboratory is possible depending upon position availability and funding.

The University of New Mexico–Los Alamos also has many programs that serve the community, which include:

Community Education–offers non-credit courses for educational enrichment, professional development and recreation. Often the courses are short-term and some are even one or two full-days. Besides fun courses like cooking, yoga and language studies, Community Education has specialized programs. One such specialized program is a Customized Training Program which works with area businesses to design low-cost, specialized training to meet employers’ needs and fit work schedules.

Adult Learning Center–provides basic educational services to adults with skills below 12.9 (12th grade, ninth month) ability as determined by standardized tests of adult skills. Classes and individualized instruction include reading, writing, math and English as a Second Language. Content areas include preparation for the GED and U.S. Naturalization examinations as well as for college preparation. Individual tutoring is available for literacy training. Preparatory instruction for the Spanish GED is also offered, as is preparation for the TOEFL test. Books, materials and individualized tutoring are free of charge.

In a continuation of our efforts to serve the diverse populations of northern New Mexico, the University of New Mexico–Los Alamos off-site locations continue to offer Adult Basic Education and more and varied credit courses. Off-site locations include Bernalillo, Cuba, Gallina, Jemez Springs, San Felipe Pueblo, Sandia Pueblo and Jemez Pueblo.

For more information about the University of New Mexico–Los Alamos, call Student Services at
(505) 662-0332 or 1-800-894-5919, ext. 332 or go online to

The University of New Mexico–Taos

Catherine M. “Kate” O”Neill, Executive Director
115 Civic Plaza Drive
Taos, New Mexico 87571
(575) 737-6204

The University of New Mexico–Taos became a branch campus on July 1, 2003. The Center operates a two-year post secondary academic and career-technical program.

The University of New Mexico–Taos Campus seeks to deliver comprehensive community education. Consistent with this philosophy, it is the goal of the college to provide within available resources, programs and services of superior quality to meet the post-secondary education needs of all citizens of the community.

Academic Transfer Program. The University of New Mexico–Taos is authorized to offer any 100 or 200 level course from The University of New Mexico Catalog (Main Campus) for which an appropriate instructor and facility can be obtained. The University of New Mexico–Taos also offers non-transfer courses that respond to the needs of students and the community.

Associate Degrees. Associate degrees are currently awarded in Administrative Assistant, Construction Technology, General Studies, Visual Arts, Fine Arts, Communication & Journalism, Early Childhood Multicultural Education, Human Services, Liberal Arts, Pre-Business Administration, Southwest Studies, Criminal Justice, Behavioral Sciences, Nursing, and Pre-Sciences.

Certificate Program. Certificate programs are currently offered in Administrative Assistant, Applied Arts & Crafts, Business Computers, Construction Technology, Carpentry, Digital Graphic Design, Early Childhood Multicultural Education, Holistic Health & Healing Arts, Human Services, Internet Technology, Multimedia, Painting & Drawing, Paralegal Studies, Peace Studies, Publishing Technology, Southwest Arts, Theatre, Woodworking, Writing for Publications, Dental Assisting and Culinary Arts.

College Readiness Program. The College Readiness Program is designed to serve students by helping to strengthen their academic competencies as well as to insure their successful transition into college-level degree programs. This program offers course placement evaluation for students, introductory studies and tutoring to help students enter college at the most appropriate level and succeed once they get there.

Special classes in English as a Second Language (ESL), Adult Basic Education (ABE) and General Equivalency Diploma (GED) preparation are offered through the campus’ Adult Basic Education Center.

Continuing Education. The University of New Mexico–Taos offers non-credit, short-term courses for educational and personal enrichment, as well as workplace development training for area businesses.

Information. For more information about the University of New Mexico–Taos and its programs, contact the University of New Mexico–Taos at 1157 County Road 110, Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico 87557, (575) 737-6200, or

The University of New Mexico–Valencia

Dr. Alice V. Letteney, Executive Director
280 La Entrada
Los Lunas, NM 87031
(505) 925-8500

The University of New Mexico–Valencia Campus offers high quality daytime and evening instruction in academic, technical and continuing education programs. As a comprehensive community college, the University of New Mexico–Valencia offers its students superior teaching with small class size, low-cost tuition and fees, an enviable small college atmosphere, free parking and safe grounds and student-centered support services–which include a wellness and fitness center. Located near historic Tome Hill in Valencia County, the campus is conveniently close to Albuquerque but still nestled in the countryside. The 150-acre campus is a beautiful and impressive campus designed to reflect the beauty of the Rio Grande Valley.

The University of New Mexico–Valencia boasts the best transfer rate of any University of New Mexico branch to the University of New Mexico–Albuquerque. The five Associate of Arts and the three Associate of Science degrees offered at the University of New Mexico-Valencia transfer into similar baccalaureate degrees at the University of New Mexico–Albuquerque. Students are able to complete their first two years of course work (freshman and sophomore years) at the University of New Mexico–Valencia, receive their Associate’s degree and then transfer to the University of New Mexico–Albuquerque or other institutions.

Students can also take advantage of the University of New Mexico–Valencia’s cutting-edge Information Technology, Digital Media Arts, and Computer-Aided Drafting programs offered through the Business and Technology Division. Currently, six different Associate of Applied Science degrees are offered in a variety of technical and career areas.

Support for students in need of some developmental course work is available at the University of New Mexico–Valencia. These courses prepare students for degree credit course work with classes limited in size to assure proper student/teacher ratios. Courses include lab work that reinforces concepts taught in class. In addition, most students taking two or more developmental studies courses, will participate in a learning community, and will receive additional advising and tutorial assistance, all aimed at improving their chances for success in college-level course work. The Learning Center, a tutorial center, provides individualized tutorial instruction at no cost to the student. The Trio/Student Support Services Program at the University of New Mexico–Valencia Campus provides eligible students with a variety of free services including academic advising, career counseling, tutoring and personal support services to enable them to persist and succeed in completing a Certificate, Associate Degree or transfer course work to a four-year institution.

Special classes in English as a Second Language (ESL), Adult Basic Education (ABE) and General Equivalency Diploma (GED) preparation are offered through the campus’ Adult Basic Education Center. A Special Needs Program provides a wide range of human, instructional and physical resources to students with disabilities.

The Community Education program offers dual credit courses to ARCA high school students and cultural programs to people of all ages in Valencia County.

The University of New Mexico–Valencia Campus provides customized workforce training to area business and industry. The campus’ Small Business Development Center (SBDC) provides specialized training and support to local, small business owners.

For more information about the University of New Mexico–Valencia, students are urged to obtain the campus’ catalog. A visit to the Student Services Center on campus will treat you to a personal tour and individual advisement session. Call (505) 925-8560 for a catalog or a personal appointment.

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