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In 1987 the University of New Mexico created this program to schedule more evening and weekend courses leading to regular academic degrees. Call for additional information about non-traditional degree programs for those who cannot enroll in traditional, daytime programs. The evening programs currently offered lead to 40 complete academic degrees minors or formal concentrations. Nearly 12,000 students take some of the 1,000 courses offered at night or on Saturdays each semester. More than half of all graduate-level courses are now offered at night to accommodate working students.

The following Evening degree Majors/Minors/Concentrations are available from 2009 to 2012:

Contact College Advisor at 277-3888

Bachelor of Business Administration

Contact College Advisor at 277-4621

Bachelor Degrees in the following:

  1. American Studies* - Major
  2. Communication & Journalism: Communication* – Major
  3. History - Major
  4. Political Science - Major
  5. Psychology - Major
  6. Religious Studies* - Major
  7. Spanish – Major
  8. A variety of college unit requirements in Science, Math, Social Science and Humanities

*Note– These majors will require a daytime commitment for one course and/or an online course.

Minors in Arts and Sciences:

  1. American Studies
  2. Chemistry
  3. English
  4. History
  5. Political Science
  6. Psychology
  7. Religious Studies
  8. Spanish
  9. Economics
  10. Sociology
  11. Communication and Journalism

Contact College Advisor at 277-3190

College of Education degree, certificate and licensure program:

Bachelor Degree tracks in the following:

  1. Technology and Training
  2. Elementary Education
  3. Special Education/Elementary Education Dual Licensure
  4. Secondary Education
    • a) Math or Science Education
    • b) Modern Language
  5. Bilingual Education or TESOL
  6. Communicative Arts Education
  7. Social Studies Education
  8. Art Education
  9. Nutrition
  10. Early Childhood Multicultural Education

M.A. with Licensure & PBA Licensure Programs:

  1. Elementary Education*
  2. Physical Education*
  3. Secondary Education*
  4. Art Education*
  5. Health Education*

Master’s Degree in the following:

  1. Educational Leadership (Administration)**
  2. Organizational Learning and Instructional Technologies – OLIT
  3. Special Education** (can also include licensure)
    • a) Mental Retardation & Severe Disabilities**
    • b) Learning and Behavioral Exceptionalities**
  4. Elem. Education with concentration in Math, Science and Education Tech.
  5. Secondary Education
  6. Art Education
  7. Language, Literacy, & Sociocultural Studies (Concentrations in):
    • a) American Indian Education
    • b) Bilingual Education
    • c) TESOL
    • d) Educational Thought & Sociocultural Studies
    • e) Social Studies
  8. Counselor Education
  9. Elementary Education with concentration in Early Childhood Multicultural Education
  10. Educational Psychology

Ph.D./Ed.D. (**Full Degree): Educational Leadership**, Language Literacy Sociocultural Studies, Educational Linguistics, Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology (OLIT)**, Special Education**, Multicultural Teacher and Childhood Education (Math, Science Education), *Counselor Education, Educational Psychology**.

Complete Ed.S. Certificate +++: Educational Leadership (can also include administrative licensure), Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology (OLIT), Special Education, Curriculum and Instruction (Elementary and Secondary Education).

*NOTE: The professional sequence in each of these fields requires a daytime commitment, beyond the courses available at night. Contact advisors when applying for certificate programs to learn of program options.

**NOTE: Full Degree

Contact College Advisor at 277-4817

Bachelor of Fine Arts:

  1. Media Arts – Major and minor (courses open to non – majors)
  2. A variety of college requirements in Media Arts, Art Studio, Art History, Theatre, Dance & Music

Contact College Advisor at 277-4847

Master’s Degrees:

  1. Master of Architecture – core courses and select electives
  2. Master of Community and Regional Planning – some core courses available
  3. Certificate Program in Regionalism & Historic Preservation available
  4. Certificate Program in Town Design
  5. Master of Landscape Architecture – some core courses and selected electives

Contact College Advisor at 277-1092

Master of Public Administration

  1. Human Resources Management Concentration
  2. Public Management Concentration

Contact College Advisor at 277-2631

Bachelor of University Studies (interdisciplinary, custom-tailored undergraduate degree)



Students should check carefully on the availability of majors, minors and concentrations if they plan to take longer than several years to complete a degree at night. The University of New Mexico is rotating opportunities among majors. Each announced major or minor will ordinarily be available for three years. These may either be repeated or replaced by other majors/minors, depending upon student demand. Planning is very important for evening and weekend students. Consult your college advisors regarding Group Requirements and departmental advisors regarding major and minor requirements.

If you have general questions, concerns or requests for Evening/Saturday classes, you may also contact the Office of Evening and Weekend Degree Programs, Dane Smith Hall, Room 220. This office acts as an advocate for Evening/Saturday students who need specific courses scheduled to meet their needs. You may phone (505) 277-0896 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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