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Jerónimo C. Domínguez, Vice Provost
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Extended University– Distance Education Programs and Services
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UNM Extended University was established in the fall of 1999 to coordinate the institution’s distance education mission. This mission is pursued in close cooperation with the University of New Mexico’s four branches, as well as, selected community colleges and learning centers, forming a partnership that yields significant opportunities for students. Branches are responsible for lower-division curriculum leading to a wide array of associate’s degrees. Extended University expands upon these efforts by creating the path for students to attain selected University of New Mexico-affiliated bachelor’s and advanced degrees through delivery of upper-division and graduate-level programming. This programming is offered in a variety of instructional formats, including classroom, interactive television, online and correspondence.

UNM Extended University maintains statewide education centers. These centers serve as a focal point for delivery of instruction and for student support services. Classes at some education centers are in traditional classroom formats, providing a direct face-to-face experience between students and the instructor. In addition, the centers function as “receive sites” for classes broadcast by interactive television and, further, serve as liaisons with the University of New Mexico main campus online and correspondence programs. Education center staff work vigorously to assure the success of students by providing a host of essential services, including admissions, registration, academic advising, bursar, etc. These services are provided either directly or through coordination with appropriate main campus offices.

The University of New Mexico Statewide Education Centers

Clovis – Bachelor and Graduate Programs
Located at the Clovis Community College
417 Schepps Blvd.
Dr. H.A. Miller Center, Room 134-D
Clovis, NM 88101
(575) 769-4085
Web Address: http://statewide.unm.edu
e-mail:  lcash@unm.edu

Gallup – Bachelor and Graduate Programs
Located at the UNM Gallup Branch Campus
200 College Road
Gallup, NM 87301
(505) 863-7618 FAX: (505) 863-7564
Web Address: http://statewide.unm.edu
e-mail: unmgllbg@unm.edu

Hobbs – Bachelor and Graduate Programs
Located at the New Mexico Junior College
1 Thunderbird Circle
University Center, Room 232
Hobbs, NM 88240
(575) 492-4866
Web Address: http://statewide.unm.edu
email: lcash@unm.edu

Kirtland Air Force Base (KAFB)
Kirtland AFB Education Center
1900 Wyoming Blvd. SE, Room 105
Albuquerque, NM 87117-5604
(505) 260-1354 FAX: (505) 255-0449
Web Address: http://statewide.unm.edu
e-mail: kafb@unm.edu

Los Alamos – Bachelor and Graduate Programs
Located at the Los Alamos Branch
4000 University Drive
Los Alamos, NM 87544
(505) 662-0335 FAX: (505) 662-0344
Web Address: http://statewide.unm.edu
e-mail: cleyba@unm.edu

San Juan Center in Farmington – Bachelor and Graduate Programs
Mailing address:
4601 College Blvd.
Farmington, NM 87402-4609
Physical address:
30th Street Center Annex
3539 E. 30th, 2nd Floor
(505) 566-3480 FAX: (505) 566-3482
Web Address: http://statewide.unm.edu
e-mail: unmsjc@unm.edu

Santa Fe – Bachelor and Graduate Programs
(505) 490-1365 FAX: (505) 662-0344
Web Address: http://statewide.unm.edu
e-mail: clujan@unm.edu

Taos – Bachelor and Graduate Programs
Physical Address:
246-B Ledoux St.
Taos, NM
Mailing Address:
UNM Taos Branch
1157 County Road 110
Ranchos de Taos, NM 87557
(575) 758-2828 FAX: (575) 758-4076
Web Address: http://statewide.unm.edu
e-mail: taosbgp@unm.edu

Tucumcari – Bachelor and Graduate Programs
Located at Mesalands Community College
911 South Tenth Street
Building A, Room 112
Tucumcari, NM 88401
(575) 461-4413 ext 134
Web Address:  http://statewide.unm.edu
e-mail: lcash@unm.edu

Valencia – Bachelor and Graduate Programs
Located at the Valencia Branch
280 La Entrada
Student Community Center, 2nd Floor
Los Lunas, NM 87031-7633
(505) 925-8970 FAX: (505) 925-8972
Web Address: http://statewide.unm.edu
e-mail: unmvcce@unm.edu

Extended University – Distance Education Delivery Formats/Services

Classroom courses, the most familiar learning venue for a majority of students, offer traditional teaching and learning methods. Extended University coordinates with main campus departments, colleges, and schools to offer a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate courses on location at various educational centers around the state. Students can survey course offerings by visiting the website at http://statewide.unm.edu and clicking on the center nearest to them. Highly qualified faculty provide vibrant student experiences in courses whose topics often have a local emphasis. Centers also offer an array of student support services, including advisement, financial aid, registration, and admissions.

Interactive television (ITV) courses expand the possibilities for students who pursue their studies in remote locations. Through broadcast technology, classes on-going at main campus are transmitted simultaneously for viewing at other places. As such, these classes are usually taught by regular main campus faculty and received at Extended University field centers, as well as other sites. Communication between remote students and the instructor is facilitated by interactive videoconferencing. Remote students use the same class materials, including syllabi, assignments and class notes as their main campus counterparts. Homework is exchanged either online or via courier operating between main campus and Extended University field centers. Exams are proctored at the classroom site. Videoconferencing brings the knowledge and expertise of main campus faculty to the far corners of the state, providing an experience that is sound, with respect to content and a perspective refined by extensive experience in the discipline. For information on interactive television classes, call (505) 277-8821 or (800) 289-4617 or visit the Extended University Web site at http://statewide.unm.edu.

Online courses offer a flexible, highly interactive way to take courses in a wide range of programs and subject areas. By using a computer with Internet access, students can take classes taught by regular UNM faculty on a standard semester basis. Online courses provide diverse interactions with classmates and instructors, and use the same rigorous materials as their classroom counterparts, while providing greater freedom in choosing when and where learning will take place. For more information on classes offered through the Internet, call (505) 277-8128 or toll free (866) 869-6040, or visit the Extended University Web site at http://statewide.unm.edu.

Correspondence courses offer students a flexible, convenient alternative to earn college credit for those who cannot attend regular classes. In addition, they provide an opportunity for all UNM students located anywhere to add to their credit hours in their degree programs. Lower and upper-division courses spanning a wide range of disciplines are available for registration. Many degrees allow, with some restrictions, up to 30 credit hours of correspondence courses to be applied toward graduation. Students can register for correspondence courses throughout most of each term. For information and a list of available Correspondence courses, students should visit the website at http://statewide.unm.edu or contact the Correspondence Office at 505-277-1604 or toll free (877) 567-9089.

Extension Credit courses are designed to provide UNM academic undergraduate and graduate non degree college credit for people not regularly admitted to UNM. Students in a regular admission status at UNM are not eligible for these courses. Students taking extension credit courses will be admitted to UNM as “non degree extension” students and have access to University resources through LoboWeb. If an Extension Credit student is admitted later to UNM in a regular admissions status, Extension Credit courses may apply toward UNM degree program requirements, but students should consult with the degree program department to determine any restrictions. A per credit fee is associated with these courses and may vary depending on the course. Some courses may carry additional fees for supplies and services. The Extension Credit Program works with a variety of academic units at UNM, including Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies (LLSS), Teacher Education (EDUC, CMTE, and MSET), Health, Exercise, and Sports Science (HED), Psychology, and Linguistics. All courses are accredited through the North Central Commission on Higher Education. If an organization would like to sponsor courses for college credit through a specific university college or department, contact (505) 277-1154 or extncred@unm.edu.

Media Technology Services (MTS)
MTS is located in Woodward Hall and provides technical and professional services to the campus community and statewide. There are four primary units at MTS: Interactive Television (ITV), Academic Technology Services (ATS), Engineering, and Production. ITV provides upper-division and graduate courses for distance education students. Using interactive videoconferencing, students at distance locations are able to watch and participate in live main campus courses. ATS provides equipment for classroom instruction and maintains audio-visual equipment for main campus scheduling controlled classrooms. ATS also checks out equipment such as laptop computers, projectors, public address systems and a variety of other technologies at no charge to faculty for classroom instruction. Equipment is also available for non-instructional use by departments for a small fee. The Engineering unit designs and installs smart classroom equipment, and schedules and coordinates videoconferencing and satellite broadcasts. MTS also has a Production unit that houses a fully operational production studio and has video editing capabilities. For more information, contact Media Technology Services, Woodward Hall 120, MSC03 2190, (505) 277-6151, or for the most current information visit the MTS Web site at: http://mts.unm.edu.

Testing Center provides students, faculty, staff and community members with information and access to standardized testing. The Testing Center also administers national, state and local standardized examinations. Call (505) 277-5346 or e-mail testctr@unm.edu for details.

For complete information on all Extended University centers and services, see the Web site at http://statewide.unm.edu or call toll free at (800) 345-1807.

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