International Studies

Eleni Bastéa, M.Arch., Ph.D.
Director, International Studies Institute
Regents' Professor, School of Architecture and Planning

Christine Sauer, Ph.D.
Associate Director, International Studies Institute
Professor of Economics and UNM Presidential Teaching Fellow

Humanities Building, Room 415A
MSC03 2165
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131
(505) 277-1991
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Advisory Committee
Eleni Bastéa, Architecture; Director, International Studies Institute
Stephen Bishop, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Melissa Bokovoy, History
Lorna Brau, Foreign Languages and Literatures; Director, Asian Studies Program
Tania Ivanova-Sullivan, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Patricia Risso, History
Christine Sauer, Economics; Associate Director, International Studies Institute; Director, European Studies Program
William Stanley, Political Science

Associated Faculty
Susanne Baackmann, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Machiko Bomberger, Foreign Languages and Literatures
James Boone, Anthropology
Pamela Cheek, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Monica Cyrino, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Rachele Duke, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Eliza Ferguson, History
Les Field, Peace Studies and Anthropology
Lorenzo Garcia, Jr., Foreign Languages and Literatures
Timothy Graham, History
Marissa Greenberg, English
Constantine Hadjilambrinos, Geography
Gary Harrison, English
Xiang He, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Gail Houston, English
Mala Htun, Political Science
Aeron Hunt, English
Adrian Johnston, Philosophy
Brent Kalar, Philosophy
Enrique Lamadrid, Spanish and Portuguese
Kathryn McKnight, Spanish and Portuguese
Jamal Martin, Africana Studies
Erika Monahan, History
Manuel Montoya, Anderson School of Management
Carmen Nocentelli, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Anita Obermeier, English
Mark Peceny, Political Science
Jinghua Pei, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Marina Peters-Newell, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Walter Putnam, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Mary Quinn, Spanish and Portuguese
Caleb Richardson, History
Enrique Sanabria, History
Katja Schroeter, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Charlie Steen, History
Lawrence Straus, Anthropology
Diane Thiel, English
Iain Thomson, Philosophy
Emma Trentman, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Osman Umurhan, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Rajeshwari Vallury, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Damián Wilson, Spanish and Portuguese
Carolyn Woodward, English


International Studies is an interdisciplinary undergraduate program drawing on the courses, faculty, and resources of a large number of UNM departments and colleges, with a central orientation toward contemporary global themes and different world areas. Because of its interdisciplinary nature, the program is housed in the College of Arts and Sciences and the College’s International Studies Institute but also draws on faculty and courses in the Colleges of Fine Arts, Architecture and Planning, and Education.

The core elements of the International Studies major and minor allow students to combine studies in languages, humanities, and social sciences with studies in such fields as fine arts, architecture and planning, and education in order to create an integrated, interdisciplinary undergraduate concentration.

The International Studies major and minor is administered by the International Studies Institute (ISI) in the College of Arts and Sciences. The ISI not only provides the administrative support and advising for the International Studies major and minor but also organizes lectures, lecture series, and special events and provides student scholarships to undergraduates.

Associated Programs

Undergraduate Program


INTS 400. Directed Study and Travel Abroad. (1-3 to a maximum of 3 Δ)

INTS 401. Intercultural Experience. (1-3 to a maximum of 3 Δ)

INTS 402. Honors in International Studies. (3)

INTS 410. European Studies Seminar. (3)

INTS 499. Topics in International Studies. (1-3 to a maximum of 9 Δ)

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