Latin American Studies

Matias Fontenla, Associate Director for Academic Programs
Room 204, Latin American and Iberian Institute
MSC02 1690
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Melissa Axelrod, Linguistics 
Rebecca Blum-Martinez, Language, Literacy and Sociocultural Studies
Raul de Gouvea, Management
Les Field, Anthropology 
Miguel Gandert, Communication and Journalism
Phillip Gonzales, Sociology
Linda Hall, History
Hillard Kaplan, Anthropology
Enrique Lamadrid, Spanish and Portuguese
Antoinette Sedillo López, Law
Lois Meyer, Language, Literacy and Sociocultural Studies
Jennifer Moore, Law
Mark Peceny, Political Science
Elizabeth Rapaport, Law
James Richardson, Community and Regional Planning
Jose Rivera, Community and Regional Planning
Andrew Schrank, Political Science, Sociology
Christine Sierra, Political Science
William Stanley, Political Science
Susan Tiano, Sociology

Associate Professors
Holly Barnet-Sanchez, Art History
Judy Bieber, History
Melissa Binder, Economics
Patricia Covarrubias, Communication and Journalism
Susan Dever, Media Arts
Dante DiGregorio, Management
William Fleming, Community and Regional Planning
Matias Fontenla, Economics
Manuel Garcia y Griego, History
Kimberly Gauderman, History
Michelle Hall Kells, English
Frances Hayashida, Anthropology
Raymond Hernandez-Duran, Art History
Mala Htun, Political Science
Elizabeth Hutchison, History
Celia Iriart, Family Community Medicine
Claudia Isaac, Community and Regional Planning
Tamara Kay, Sociology
Leila Lehnen, Spanish and Portuguese
Celia López-Chávez, University Honors
Kimberle López, Spanish and Portuguese
Miguel López, Spanish and Portuguese
Nancy López, Sociology
Kathryn McKnight, Spanish and Portuguese
Margo Milleret, Spanish and Portuguese
Suzanne Oakdale, Anthropology
Keith Prufer, Anthropology
Barbara Reyes, History
Ilia Rodriguez, Communication and Journalism
Enrique Sanabria, History
Gabriel Sanchez, Political Science
Eleuterio Santiago-Diaz, Spanish and Portuguese
Douglas Thomas, Management
Ruth Trinidad Galvan, Language, Literacy and Sociocultural Studies
Sam Truett, History
Richard Wood, Sociology

Assistant Professors
Ronda Brulotte, Anthropology
Sarita Cargas, University Honors
Jorge Colon, Architecture
Erin Debenport, Anthropology
Chris Duvall, Geography
Richard File-Muriel, Spanish and Portuguese
Moises Gonzales, Community and Regional Planning
Margaret Jackson, Art History
Jeremy Lehnen, Spanish and Portuguese
Manuel Montoya, Management
Anna Nogar, Spanish and Portuguese
Suzanne Schadl, University Libraries
Naomi Shin, Linguistics and Spanish and Portuguese
Lindsay Smith, Anthropology
Harold Toro Tulla, Sociology
Cristóbal Valencia, Anthropology
Santiago Vaquera, Linguistics, Spanish and Portuguese
Rosa Vallejos Yopán, Linguistics, Spanish and Portuguese


This is an interdepartmental program offering a B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in Latin American Studies. The program is academically supervised by the Interdisciplinary Committee on Latin American Studies (ICLAS) in the College of Arts and Sciences and administered by the Latin American and Iberian Institute.

Latin American Studies (LTAM)

Latin American Studies is an interdisciplinary program. In addition to the courses listed below, Latin American content courses can be found under the following departmental headings: Anthropology, Art History, Communication and Journalism, Community and Regional Planning, Economics, History, International Management, Law, Philosophy, Political Science, Portuguese, Public Health, Religious Studies, Sociology, and Spanish.


LTAM 354. Introduction to Latin American Society I: Social Sciences. (3)

LTAM 355. Introduction to Latin American Society II: Humanities. (3)

LTAM 400. Topics in Latin American Studies. (3, no limit Δ)

LTAM 497. Independent Studies. (1-3, may be repeated 3 times Δ)

LTAM 499. Senior Honors Thesis. (3)

LTAM 500. Topics in Latin American Studies. (3, no limit Δ)

LTAM 504. Seminar in Latin American Studies. (3, no limit Δ)

LTAM 510. Pro-Seminar in Latin American Studies. (3)

LTAM 551. Master's Problems. (1-3 to a maximum of 12 Δ)

LTAM 599. Master's Thesis. (1-6, no limit Δ)

LTAM 699. Latin American Studies Dissertation. (3-12, no limit Δ)

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