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Museum Studies Program
MSC01 1050
1 University of New Mexico
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Interim Directors
Timothy Lowrey, Biology
Joyce Szabo, Art and Art History

Sara Otto-Diniz, Ph.D., University of New Mexico
Candace Matelic, Ph.D., Santa Fe Children's Museum

The Museum Studies Program is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide students academic training in essential aspects of museology. The curriculum equips students with a range of museum skills and enables them to tailor learning to their career objectives. The Program offers a 15 credit hour graduate minor and a 15 credit hour undergraduate certificate in Museum Studies. It is designed to prepare students for a variety of museum and museum-related occupations, including: collections managers, registrars, museum educators, exhibit developers, park interpreters, and administrators. The Museum Studies Program also is valuable to students who wish to become outdoor educators, interpreters, or naturalists. Some graduates may choose to pursue a Ph.D. to prepare for advanced curatorial work in museums.

The Museum Studies Program brings together a unique consortium of UNM Museums, courses, laboratories, researchers, museum professionals, and educators in a statewide and national network to train qualified students for teaching, research, curation, and public service in museum contexts. The Museum Studies program is supported by UNM's five museums; the Harwood Museum of Art, the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology, the Meteorite Museum, the Museum of Southwestern Biology, and the UNM Art Museum.

Associated Programs

Undergraduate Program

Graduate Program


MSST 407 / 507. Museum Practices. (3 to a maximum of 6 Δ)

MSST 475 / 575. Museum Interpretation. (3)

MSST 476 / 576. Museum Collection Management. (3)

MSST 485 / 585. Seminar in Museum Methods. (3 to a maximum of 6 Δ)

MSST 486 / 586. Practicum: Museum Methods. (3)

MSST 507 / 407. Museum Practices. (3 to a maximum of 6 Δ)

MSST 575 / 475. Museum Interpretation. (3)

MSST 576 / 476. Museum Collection Management. (3)

MSST 585 / 485. Seminar in Museum Methods. (3 to a maximum of 6 Δ)

MSST 586 / 486. Practicum: Museum Methods. (3 to a maximum of 6 Δ)

MSST 598. Graduate Project. (1-6 to a maximum of 15 Δ)

MSST 599. Master's Thesis. (1-6, no limit Δ)

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