Early Childhood Multicultural Education

Jay Parkes, Department Chairperson
Department of Individual, Family and Community Education
Early Childhood Multicultural Education
Simpson Hall
MSC05 3040
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131–0001
(505) 277–4535

Frank Kessel, Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Associate Professors
David Atencio, Ph.D., Stanford University
Cathy Gutierrez-Gomez, Ed.D., University of North Texas

Genevieve Jaramillo-Padilla, M.A., University of New Mexico

Affiliated Faculty
Ziarat Hossain, Ph.D., Syracuse University
Virginia Shipman, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh

Associated Programs

Undergraduate Program

Graduate Program


ECME 101. Child Growth, Development, and Learning. (3)

ECME 103. Health, Safety, and Nutrition. (2)

ECME 111. Family and Community Collaboration I. (3)

ECME 115. Guiding Young Children. (3)

ECME 117. Curriculum and Implementation I. (3)

ECME 117L. Curriculum and Implementation Practicum I. (2)

ECME 202. Introduction to Reading and Literacy Development. (3)

ECME 217. Curriculum Development and Implementation - Age 3 (PreK) through Grade 3 [Curriculum and Implementation II]. (3)

ECME 217L. Curriculum and Implementation Practicum II. (2)

ECME 220. Assessment of Children and Evaluation of Programs I. (3)

ECME 230. Professionalism. (2)

ECME 305. Research and Evaluation in Early Childhood. (3)

ECME 311. Family and Community Collaboration II. (2)

ECME 315. Public Policy, Leadership, Ethics and Reform in ECE. (3)

ECME 317. Integrated Early Childhood Curriculum. (3)

ECME 317L. Integrated Early Childhood Curriculum Practicum. (2)

ECME 320. Assessment of Childhood and Evaluation of Programs II. (3)

ECME 325. The Social, Political and Cultural Contexts of Children and Families. (3)

ECME 401. Research in Child Growth, Development and Learning. (3)

ECME 402. Teaching Reading and Writing. (3)

ECME 402L. Teaching Reading and Writing Practicum. (1)

ECME 417. Methods and Materials for the Early Primary Grades. (3)

ECME 417L. Methods and Materials for the Early Primary Grades Practicum. (2)

ECME 440L. Student Teaching in Early Childhood Education. (12)

ECME 493. Topics in Early Childhood Education. (1-6, no limit Δ)

ECME 497. Reading and Research in Honors I. (2)

ECME 499. Honors Thesis. (2)

ECME 514. Young Children Moving Into Literacy. (3)

ECME 574. Curriculum for Early Childhood. (3)

ECME 576. Teaching and Learning Through Play. (3)

ECME 579. Seminar in Early Childhood Education. (3-12 to a maximum of 12 Δ)

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