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Affiliated Faculty
Dorothy Baca, Theatre and Dance
David Bashwiner, Music
Holly Barnet-Sanchez, College of Fine Arts
Joel Castellanos, Computer Science
Tim Castillo, Architecture, ARTS Lab
Thomas Caudell, Electrical and Computer Engineering
David Dunaway, English
Charles Fleddermann, School of Engineering
Nick Flor, Anderson School of Management
Deborah Fort, Cinematic Arts
Miguel Gandert, Communication and Journalism
Peter Gilbert, Music
William Liotta, Theatre and Dance
Lee Montgomery, Art and Art History
Andrea Polli, Art and Art History, School of Engineering
Vladimir Reche, Theatre and Dance
James Stone, Cinematic Arts
Mary Tsiongas, Art and Art History
Claudia Valdez, Art and Art History
Bill Walters, Theatre and Dance


The Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media Program (IFDM) is a model of interdisciplinary education that provides students the opportunity to develop the critical, creative, and technical skills to apply digital media technologies in innovative and productive ways. Students whose goal is to become an artist, writer, game developer, entrepreneur, engineer, critical thinker, scientist, film and video maker, animator, storyteller, designer, computer scientist or educator using or developing digital media, find a path in this program. Students may pursue their degree in one of four different colleges within the University - College of Fine Arts, Anderson School of Management, School of Engineering or College of Arts and Sciences.

All students admitted to the program have to complete a University Core curriculum. Students also have a set of ten common core courses for the IFDM program listed below. A grade of "C" or better (grades of "C-" are not accepted) must be earned in all IFDM common core courses. These core classes are taken in order from the time a student is admitted as a pre-major into the program. Additional specific courses are required for selected degree majors, minors, and concentrations that are determined by each participating college: College of Fine Arts, School of Engineering, College of Arts and Sciences, Anderson School of Management. Students must be accepted into those Schools and Colleges. Please see IFDM requirements in each school and college section of the catalog. The final courses of the program include capstone courses, in which students work in interdisciplinary teams to complete projects relevant to their IFDM curriculum.

Admission Information

The IFDM Program requires a three-tier admissions process:

  1. Apply to the University of New Mexico

    Whether the student is an incoming freshman or, a student transferring from another institution, all prospective IFDM students must first be admitted to the University of New Mexico. Prospective students can learn about UNM’s academic admission requirements, tuition rates, financial aid options, and apply online by visiting the UNM Admissions Web site. This site provides links to the various colleges within the university, and contains contact information for general UNM admissions questions.

  2. Apply to IFDM as a Pre-Major

    In order to be accepted as a pre-major student in the IFDM program, students have to apply in early spring. If accepted, the student becomes part of a cohort that begins in the fall immediately following admission. Each group continues through the program together. Keep in mind that this is a separate application from the general UNM Admissions application. Separate deadlines apply. This portion of the application process is designed to allow the students to demonstrate their ability to perform to a high artistic and academic standard. Applicants are asked to submit a written essay and samples of creative work. At this point, the screening committee reviews ACT and SAT scores, and reviews transcripts. More information on the IFDM pre-major application process, including an online application, can be found on the IFDM Web site.

  3. Apply for Admission to UNM IFDM Host College/School 

    The final stage of the IFDM application process is to apply to the individual college or school that houses the IFDM degree in which you are interested. This should occur between the student’s sophomore and junior years, depending on the College/School within UNM from which the student is pursuing the IFDM program. The four colleges offering IFDM curriculum are the College or Fine Arts, the School of Engineering, College of Arts and Sciences and the Anderson School of Management. Each college or school has its own application requirements and process.

Arts and Sciences Required Courses

(including UNM General Education Core Curriculum)- 34 credit hours

Selected from courses offered by departments of the College of Arts and Sciences. Specific requirements for those in the Critical Studies Concentration include PHIL 156 and AMST 182.

  IFDM Core Courses 32 credit hours:
IFDM 105L Inter and New Media Studies I 3
CS 152L
CS 105L
Computer Programming Fundamentals

Introduction to Computer Programming
IFDM 205L Studio I: Activating Digital Spaces 3
IFDM 210 Introduction to Modeling and PostProduction 3
IFDM 300 Critical Intermediations 3
IFDM 310 Studio II: Writing Digital Narrative 3
IFDM 400 Ethics, Science and Technology 3
IFDM 410 The Business and Law of Film and New Media 3
IFDM 450 Capstone I 4
IFDM 451 Capstone II 4

Refer to the Fine Arts - Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media section of this Catalog for further information on this program.


IFDM 105L. Inter and New Media Studies I. (3)

IFDM 205L. Studio I: Activating Digital Space. (3)

IFDM 210. Introduction to Modeling and Postproduction. (3)

IFDM 250. Special Topics in Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media. (1-3, no limit Δ)

IFDM 300. Critical Intermediations. (3)

IFDM 310. Studio II: Writing Digital Narrative. (3)

IFDM 311. Fundamentals of Music Technology. (2-3)

IFDM 400. Ethics, Science and Technology. (3)

IFDM 410. The Business and Law of Film and New Media. (3)

IFDM 412. Fundamentals of Audio Technology [Computer Applications II]. (2-3)

IFDM 450. IFDM Capstone I Senior Projects Course. (4)

IFDM 451. IFDM Capstone II Senior Projects Course. (4)

IFDM 491. Topics in Film and Digital Media. (1-3, no limit Δ)

IFDM 492. IFDM Internship. (1-12 to a maximum of 12 Δ)

IFDM 497. Independent Study in Film and Digital Media. (1-3 to a maximum of 6 Δ)

IFDM 499. Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media Honors. (3 to a maximum of 9 Δ)

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