Student Teaching Laboratory [Student Teaching in Early Childhood Education]

FCS 440L [ECME 440L] (9 [12])

Student teaching experience in early childhood including placement and assigned tasks in an early childhood classroom with a mentor teacher, and a weekly seminar where students review and reflect on their own teaching practices.

Prerequisite: 320 and 401 and 402 and 402L and 417 and 417L and two of the following: 305, 315, 325.

Restriction: admitted to B.S. Family and Child Studies.

{Fall, Spring}

Prerequisites / Corequisites

Research and Evaluation in Family and Child Studies [Research and Evaluation in Early Childhood] - FCS 305 [ECME 305]

Research in Child Growth, Development and Learning - FCS 401 [ECME 401]

Teaching and Learning Reading and Writing [Teaching Reading and Writing] - FCS 402 [ECME 402]

Teaching and Learning Practicum [Methods and Materials for the Early Primary Grades Practicum] - FCS 417L [ECME 417L]

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