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Religious Studies Committee
Michael Candelaria, Religious Studies
Monica Cyrino, Classics
Sarah Davis-Secord, History
Lisa Gerber, Religious Studies
Kathleen Holscher, American Studies
Donna Ray, Religious Studies and History
John Taber, Philosophy
Kelly Van Andel, Religious Studies
Daniel Wolne, Religious Studies

Michael Candelaria
Lisa Gerber
Donna Ray
Daniel Wolne

Associated Faculty
Justine Andrews, Art and Art History
John Bussanich, Philosophy
Gabriel Melendez, American Studies
Sharon Erickson Nepstad, Sociology
Patricia Risso, History
John Taber, Philosophy
Paul Watson, Biology
Richard L. Wood, Sociology


The Religious Studies Program is an interdisciplinary unit within the College of Arts and Sciences, with participation from faculty and students from across the entire University. The undergraduate program provides both an introduction to the scholarly study of religion and broad training in the liberal arts. Religion is studied in its own right and as a lens through which to view the human condition, contemporary human societies, intellectual and social history, spirituality, and ethics. Students major or minor in religious studies in order to pursue careers as educators or scholars of religion, to work toward becoming clerical or lay ministers in a variety of traditions, to prepare for professional school, to pursue graduate education in allied humanities or social science disciplines and/or to explore their own deepest interests.


RELG 1110 [107]. Introduction to World Religions [Living World Religions]. (3)

RELG 1120 [103]. Introduction to the Bible. (3)

RELG 1123 [230]. Hebrew Bible [Hebrew Scriptures]. (3)

RELG 1126 [232]. New Testament [Christian Scriptures]. (3)

RELG 2110 [263]. Eastern Religions. (3)

RELG 2120 [264]. Western Religions. (3)

RELG 303. Black Liberation and Religion. (3)

RELG 310. Introduction to Jewish Thought. (3)

RELG 312. Introduction to Islam. (3)

RELG 313. Islamic Fundamentalism. (3)

RELG 314. Islamic Mysticism. (3)

RELG 319. Sex and Gender in Ancient Religion. (3)

RELG 320. Magic in Ancient Religion. (3)

RELG 321. Apocalypse in the Ancient World. (3)

RELG 322. Sexuality and the Bible. (3)

RELG 326. History of Christianity to 1517. (3)

RELG 327. History of Christianity, 1517 to Present. (3)

RELG 335. Goddesses and Gods of India. (3)

RELG 343. Catholic Saints in North America. (3)

RELG 346. Religion in New Mexico. (3)

RELG 347. Topics in Religious Studies. (3, may be repeated six times Δ)

RELG 350. Religion and Literature. (3)

RELG 351. Catholicism in America. (3)

RELG 355. Atheism: Trends and Critiques. (3)

RELG 357. Religion and Gender. (3)

RELG 361. Modern Christian Thought. (3)

RELG 365. Philosophy of Religion. (3)

RELG *434. South Asian Mystical Traditions. (3)

RELG *438. Indian Buddhist Philosophy. (3)

RELG 441. Religion in American History. (3)

RELG *447. Seminar in Religious Studies. (1-3, may be repeated three times Δ)

RELG 452. Theories of Religion. (3)

RELG 453. Asian Studies Thesis. (3)

RELG *463. Seminar in Biblical Studies. (3, may be repeated once Δ)

RELG *475. Dante in Translation. (3)

RELG 497. Independent Studies. (1-3, may be repeated twice Δ)

RELG 507. Teaching World Religions. (3)

RELG 547. Advanced Seminar in Religious Studies. (3, may be repeated six times Δ)

RELG 551. M.A. Problems. (1-6 to a maximum of 12 Δ)


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