Plant and Animal Form and Function

BIOL 304 (3, may be repeated three times Δ)

Exploration of relationships between structure and function in plants and animals including plant growth; transport; nutrition; reproduction; development; control systems; and animal nutrition; circulation; reproduction; development; and immune, control and nervous systems.

Prerequisite: 303 and 303L and ((CHEM 1225 and CHEM 1225L) or CHEM 132).

Pre- or corequisite: 304L and (MATH 1430 or MATH 1512).

Prerequisites / Corequisites

Ecology and Evolution - BIOL 303

Ecology and Evolution Laboratory - BIOL 303L

Plant and Animal Form and Function Laboratory - BIOL 304L

General Chemistry II for STEM Majors [General Chemistry II] - CHEM 1225 [122]

General Chemistry II for STEM Majors Laboratory [General Chemistry II Laboratory] - CHEM 1225L [124L]

Principles of Chemistry - CHEM 132

Applications of Calculus I [Elements of Calculus I] - MATH 1430 [180]

Calculus I - MATH 1512 [162]


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