Race in the Digital Age

AFST 1120 (3)

The digital realm is comprised of storied sites such as commerce, employment, education, therapy, community, political expression, crime, and ideas. Technology has transformed the who, what, where, and why of how we define community and identity in the digital age. However, who you are and where you are still matters, despite the benefits of anonymity in cyberspace. This course will investigate the relevance of race, gender, class, identity, and the “cultural capital” that one can spend in our Digital Age economy. To this end, we will start with critical race scholar, Prof. Derrick Bell’s 1990 sci-fi influenced work which prophesied a 21st century “post-racial” American: entwining over two centuries of racial designations on an ever evolving economic marketplace. This course will approach our present “post-racial” moment as an exceptional period for developing new models for identity formation.

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