Introduction to Studies in English

ENGL 2240 (1)

This course brings together students majoring in English. It is a required course and must be taken before embarking on the major coursework. Students are introduced to the subfields of rhetoric and professional writing; creative writing; literary studies; and critical theory and cultural studies. Students will be introduced to the life of the department through class visits with faculty members, attendance at departmental events, and a variety of readings and discussions. Some class sessions will include conversations about employment or opportunities for graduate school. The final task will be to craft a letter of intent documenting an intended course of study and future goals.

Prerequisite: 1110 or 1110Y or 1110Z.

Prerequisites / Corequisites

Composition I - ENGL 1110

Composition I: Stretch I and II - ENGL 1110X–1110Y

Enhanced Composition - ENGL 1110Z

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