Life and the Earth System

ENVS 322L (4)

Investigation of the co-evolution of the Earth and life, including origins and evolution of life, ecology and biogeography, biogeochemical cycles, and the impact of a dynamic Earth environment on major radiations and extinctions.

Prerequisite: ((1130 and 1130L) or (GEOL 1110 and GEOL 1110L)) and (BIOL 1140 and BIOL 1140L) and (MATH 1240 or MATH 1250).

Corequisite: 320L.

Prerequisites / Corequisites

The Blue Planet - ENVS 1130

The Blue Planet Laboratory - ENVS 1130L

Environmental Systems - ENVS 320L

Biology for Health Sciences - BIOL 1140

Biology for Health Sciences Laboratory - BIOL 1140L

Physical Geology - GEOL 1110

Physical Geology Laboratory - GEOL 1110L

Pre-Calculus - MATH 1240

Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus - MATH 1250

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