Historical Geology Lecture and Laboratory

GEOL 2110C (4)

Elrick, Smith.

Origin and history of the Earth including age of the planet and dating of rocks, changing configurations of oceans and continents as a result of plate tectonics, records of climate change, history of formation and erosion of mountain chains, origin and evolution of life and causes of extinction. Required field trip and lab exercises permit understanding of how Earth history is interpreted from the geologic rock record.

Meets New Mexico General Education Curriculum Area 3: Physical and Natural Sciences.

Prerequisite: 1110 or ENVS 1130.

Pre- or corequisite: 1110L or ENVS 1130L.

{Fall, Spring}

Prerequisites / Corequisites

Physical Geology - GEOL 1110

Physical Geology Laboratory - GEOL 1110L

The Blue Planet - ENVS 1130

The Blue Planet Laboratory - ENVS 1130L

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