Linear Algebra with Applications

MATH **314 (3)

Systems of linear equations, Gaussian elimination, matrix algebra, determinants. Vector spaces. Inner product spaces, orthogonality, least squares approximations. Eigenvalues, eigenvectors, diagonalization. Emphasis on concepts, computational methods, and applications.

Credit for both this course and MATH **321 may not be applied toward a degree program.

Prerequisite: 1440 or 1522.

Pre- or corequisite: CS 151L or CS 152L or ECE 131L or PHYS 2415.

{Summer, Fall, Spring}

Prerequisites / Corequisites

Applications of Calculus II - MATH 1440

Calculus II - MATH 1522

Computer Programming Fundamentals for Non-Majors - CS 151L

Computer Programming Fundamentals - CS 152L

Programming Fundamentals - ECE 131L

Computational Physics - PHYS 2415


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