Archaeology in Practice [Archaeological Method and Theory]

ANTH 1211 (3)

This class explores different ways of studying and interpreting the past through a survey of archaeology’s historical, theoretical, and methodological development. If you are interested in archaeology as a career (or even just trying out an archaeological field school), this course is critical: it will provide you with the basic tools for conducting archaeological research and with an understanding of the background of the discipline. For this reason, this course is required for Anthropology majors with an Archaeology concentration. Even if you know you don’t want to be an archaeologist, though, this class may interest you. Have you ever wondered how archaeologists know what they know about the? Are you skeptical about some archaeological claims? Have you ever read a statement about the past and thought, “is this really true?” This class will provide you with the skills, both conceptual and practical, to answer those questions.

Meets New Mexico General Education Curriculum Area 3: Physical and Natural Sciences.

Corequisite: 1211L.

Prerequisites / Corequisites

Archaeology in Practice Laboratory [Archaeological Method and Theory Laboratory] - ANTH 1211L

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