General Chemistry I for STEM Majors

CHEM 1215 (3)

This course is intended to serve as an introduction to general chemistry for students enrolled in science, engineering, and certain pre-professional programs. Students will be introduced to several fundamental concepts, including mole, concentration, heat, atomic and molecular structure, periodicity, bonding, physical states, stoichiometry, and reactions.

Credit for both this course and CHEM 1217 may not be applied toward a degree program.

Meets New Mexico General Education Curriculum Area 3: Physical and Natural Sciences.

Prerequisite: ALEKS1>30% or CHEM 1105 with a grade of CR or C or higher.

Pre- or corequisite: 1215L.

Prerequisites / Corequisites

Preparation for College Chemistry - CHEM 1105

General Chemistry I for STEM Majors Laboratory - CHEM 1215L

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