Introduction to International Studies

INTS 1101 (3)

Unlike many traditional academic concentrations, International Studies is interdisciplinary, allowing students to approach their course of study from multiple and combined academic perspectives such as historical, anthropological, political, economic, and geographic. This gateway course is designed to reflect that approach while introducing students who are interested in International Studies to the degree requirements and expectations. To do so, this course will explore major issues and trends in contemporary global affairs. Students will acquire an understanding of how the past has and continues to shape the issues of our lives. Note: This is a survey course that is designed to introduce students to broad concepts that are crucial to International Studies; it is also geared toward helping students acquire some basic academic skills including critical reading, thinking, research and writing. To acquire a deeper understanding of any one particular topic introduced in this course, you will need to take more advanced courses that are geared to the intricacies of that specific topic. The following components will be emphasized simultaneously throughout the course: Cross-disciplinary concepts of knowledge and learning; Region-based issues and area studies; Economic, cultural, and political globalization; the intersection of content topics such as peace and conflict, international institutions, gender, religion, indigenous populations.

Meets New Mexico General Education Curriculum Area 5: Humanities.

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