Sociopolitical Concepts in Native America

NATV 2110 (3)

This course examines a body of politics identified with Native America specific to historical and contemporary relevance for understanding Native American/Indigenous/American Indian nations and communities. Students are challenged to identify issues and debates based on selected readings, films; case examples; and guest presentations to engage in informed discussions about the socio-political experience of Native Americans within the U.S. and indigenous peoples internationally, including ‘global’ activist movements. The course will use a seminar discussion format to present key (theoretical-methodological) approaches to developing a critical understanding of social and political issues impacting Native Americans today. To make the ‘intangible’ i.e., thinking, values, and belief systems but not limited to policies and political behavior, cultural expression that result in tangible actions affecting Native American peoples. Students are expected to develop and refine their skills in articulating verbal and written critiques of sociopolitical concepts identified.

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