Nanoscience and Microsystems

Abhaya Datye, Director
Deborah Evans, Associate Director
Farris Engineering Center 203
MSC01 1120
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001
(505) 277-6824

NSMS Executive Committee
Dean, School of Engineering
Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Dean, Office of Graduate Studies
Vice President for Research & Economic Development

Affiliated Faculty
Alejandro Aceves, Mathematics & Statistics
Carl Agee, Earth & Planetary Science
Marwan Al-Haik, Mechanical Engineering
William L. Anderson, Biochemistry
Yemane Asmeron, Earth & Planetary Science
Plamen Atanassov, Chemical & Nuclear Engineering
Susan R. Atlas, Physics & Astronomy
Ganesh Balakrishnan, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Adrian Brearley, Earth & Planetary Science
C. Jeff Brinker, Chemical & Nuclear Engineering
Steven R. J. Brueck, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Tione Buranda, Pathology
Heather Canavan, Chemical & Nuclear Engineering
Carlton M. Caves, Physics & Astronomy
Joseph L. Cecchi, Chemical & Nuclear Engineering
Bryce Chackerian, Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Jingkuang Chen, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Eva Chi, Chemical and Nuclear Engineering
Christos Christodoulou, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Laura J. Crossey, Earth & Planetary Science
John G. Curro, Chemical & Nuclear Engineering
Abhaya Datye, Chemical & Nuclear Engineering
Ivan H. Deutsch, Physics & Astronomy
Elizabeth L. Dirk, Chemical and Nuclear Engineering
Debra Dunaway-Mariano, Chemistry
Robert V. Duncan, Physics & Astronomy
David Dunlap, Physics & Astronomy
Jeremy Edwards, Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
Deborah Evans, Chemistry
Charles B. Fledderman, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Julia E. Fulghum, Chemical & Nuclear Engineering
John Geissman, Earth & Planetary Science
JM Geremia, Physics & Astronomy
John K. Grey, Chemistry
Hua Guo, Chemistry
Sang M. Han, Chemical & Nuclear Engineering
Majeed Hayat, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Gabriel Huerta, Mathematics & Statistics
Ravinder K. Jain, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Rhian Jones, Earth & Planetary Science
David Keller, Chemistry
Richard Kemp, Chemistry
V. M. (Nitant) Kenkre, Physics & Astronomy
Steve J. Koch, Physics & Astronomy
Tariq Khraishi, Mechanical Engineering
Martin L. Kirk, Chemistry
Sanjay Krishna, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Andrew Landahl, Physics & Astronomy
Zayd Chad Leseman, Mechanical Engineering
Diane S. Lidke, Pathology
Ronald E. Loehman, Chemical & Nuclear Engineering
Eric Sam Loker, Biology
Gabriel P. Lopez, Chemical & Nuclear Engineering
Claudia Luhrs, Mechanical Engineering
Kevin Malloy, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Cristopher Moore, Computer Science
Janet L. Oliver, Pathology
Marek Osinski, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Robert Paine, Chemistry
David S. Peabody, Molecular Genetics
Dimiter N. Petsev, Chemical & Nuclear Engineering
Wolfgang Rudolph, Physics & Astronomy
Andres Salazar, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Pradeep Sen, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Andrew Schuler, Civil Engineering
Zachary Sharp, Earth & Planetary Science
Yu-Lin Shen, Mechanical Engineering
Laurel O. Sillerud, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Larry Sklar, Pathology
Hugh D. Smyth, Pharmacy
Darko Stefanovic, Computer Science
Stanly L. Steinberg, Mathematics & Statistics
Deborah L. Sulsky, Mathematics & Statistics
Mahmoud R. Taha, Civil Engineering
Rafiqul Tarefder, Civil Engineering
James L. Thomas, Physics & Astronomy
Frank van Swol, Chemical & Nuclear Engineering
Timothy L. Ward, Chemical & Nuclear Engineering
Margaret Werner-Washburne, Biology
David G. Whitten, Chemical & Nuclear Engineering
Lance R. Williams, Computer Science
Bridget S. Wilson, Pathology
Michael C. Wilson, Neuroscience

Degrees Offered

M.S. in Nanoscience and Microsystems (NSMS)
Ph.D. in Nanoscience and Microsystems (NSMS)
M.S. and Ph.D. in Nanoscience and Microsystems (NSMS)


NSMS 410 / 510. Chemistry and Physics at the Nanoscale. (3)

NSMS 512. Characterization Methods for Nanostructures. (3)

NSMS 518. Synthesis of Nanostructures. (3)

NSMS 519. Theory, Fabrication, and Characterization of Nano & Microelectromechanical Systems (NEMS/MEMS). (4 [3])

NSMS 522L. Fundamentals of Nanofluidics. (3)

NSMS 531. Nanoscale Quantum Structure Growth and Device Applications. (3)

NSMS 550. Social and Ethical Issues in Nanotechnology. (1-3)

NSMS 572. Semiconductor Physics. (3)

NSMS 574L. Microelectronics Processing. (3)

NSMS 581. Colloidal Nanocrystals for Biomedical Applications. (3)

NSMS 595. Special Topics. (1-3 to a maximum of 9 ∆)

NSMS 599. Master’s Thesis. (1-6, no limit ∆)

NSMS 650. Research. (1-12 to a maximum of 24 ∆)

NSMS 699. Dissertation. (3-12, no limit ∆)

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