Undergraduate Programs

Monica S. Cyrino, Ortega Hall 347B

Lorenzo F. Garcia, Jr., Ortega Hall 351C

Osman Umurhan, Ortega Hall 315B

Luke A. Gorton, Ortega Hall 229

Placement–Elementary and Intermediate Courses

Students who have previously studied Latin should determine their entry level at the University of New Mexico by consulting with the advisor for Latin.

Major Study Requirements

See the Classical Studies - Undergraduate Program section of this Catalog.

Minor Study Requirements

12 credit hours in courses numbered above 200.


LATN 101. Elementary Latin I. (3)

LATN 102. Elementary Latin II. (3)

LATN 201-202. Intermediate Latin I-Intermediate Latin II. (3, 3)

LATN *303. Advanced Latin I. (3, no limit Δ)

LATN *304. Advanced Latin II. (3, no limit Δ)

LATN 497. Undergraduate Problems. (1-6 to a maximum of 6 Δ)

LATN 503. Topics in Latin Language and Literature. (3, no limit Δ)

LATN 513. Survey of Ancient Latin Literature. (3)

LATN 551. Graduate Problems. (1-9 to a maximum of 9 Δ)

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