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Degree Offered

  • Master of Public Policy (M.P.P.)

Application Information

Fall admission only. Application deadline is February 15.

In addition to the general requirements for admission to the University of New Mexico, applicants must submit GRE General Test scores, a writing sample (preferably related to a policy issue), a letter of intent, unofficial transcripts, and three letters of recommendation.

Students from a variety of undergraduate majors, including the social sciences, natural sciences, humanities, education, and engineering are encouraged to apply. Applicants should have strong quantitative and writing skills as evidenced in college course work, GRE scores, and the writing sample. At least one undergraduate course in Statistics (STAT 145 or the equivalent) with a grade of "B" or better is required.

Degree Requirements

The Master of Public Policy requires the completion of 42 credit hours and a professional Policy Report as follows:

1. Core Curriculum
Economic Analysis of Public Policy (ECON *445).
Financial Management (PADM 544).
Organizational Behavior (PADM 521 or SOC 595).
Political Context (POLS 510 or 570).
Public Management and Ethics (PADM 500).
Public Policy, Diversity and Inclusion (PADM 526 or POLS 511 or SOC 520 or 528 or 595).
Quantative and Empirical Methods I (ECON 508 or POLS 581 or SOC 581).
Quantative and Empirical Methods II (ECON 509 or 681 or SOC 582).
Subtotal 24
2. Additional Course Work
Topical courses in Crime and Justice; Education; Election Policy and Management; Environmental Policy; Health; International Security and Foreign Relations; Research Methods. Choose from courses under the following subject headings: ECON, GEOG, LAW, LEAD, PADM, POLS, SOC, WR. Subject to approval.
Subtotal 9
3. Policy Seminar
Students must complete 3 credit hours in PUBP 501 Policy Seminar. The course is dedicated to professional conduct and best practices, research ethics, and support for completing the Policy Report.
Subtotal 3
4. Evaluation Lab
Students must complete a 6 credit hour assignment in PUBP 502 Policy and Evaluation Lab as an intern with a research center or agency before the last semester of enrollment. Summer and semester internships are available.
Subtotal 6
Total 42

In addition to the course work listed above, students will be required to produce a substantive Policy Report that outlines key elements, results, and recommendations of the policy building and evaluation work performed through the Evaluation Lab. The Policy Report serves as the student's Master's Examination.


PUBP 501. Policy Seminar. (1-2, no limit Δ)

PUBP 502. Policy and Evaluation Lab [Evaluation Lab]. (3, no limit Δ [3])

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