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  • Certificate in Race and Social Justice (CERT)

The interdisciplinary Race and Social Justice undergraduate certificate aims to expose students to a vibrant interdisciplinary community of scholars at the University of New Mexico who conduct research, teaching and service in the area of race and social justice.

The key student learning outcomes for the certificate program include investigating and interpreting the social construction of race and power in a given socio-historical context as well as reflecting on the premises, concepts and categories used in different disciplines to conceptualize race and institutional/structural racism. Other major student learning outcomes include cross-disciplinary critical appraisals, investigations and applications of theories of race, racialization, decolonization, resistance and social justice across a variety of social domains and institutions.


The undergraduate certificate in Race and Social Justice requires completion of 12 credit hours from a list of approved courses. These courses must be completed with grades of "B" or better. Up to 6 credit hours may be completed in one department, including a maximum of 3 credit hours of independent study. A minimum of 6 credit hours must be completed at the upper-division (300-level or above). No more than 6 credit hours may come from lower-division courses. Courses may double-count with program core or elective requirements from any department.

The list of approved courses for the certificate and information on faculty and staff advisors is found on the Institute for the Study of "Race" and Social Justice Web site.

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