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Courses are numbered from 001 through 799. Courses from 001 to 099 may or may not carry credit but are not applicable toward a baccalaureate degree. The number 100 is reserved for courses designed to develop university skills for students whose preparation has been inadequate in the fields of English, mathematics, and reading comprehension. The courses numbered from 101–199, lower-division, are normally open to freshmen; from 200 to 299, lower-division, normally open to sophomores; from 300 to 499, upper-division, normally open to juniors, seniors, fifth-year undergraduates, and graduates; 500 to 799, graduate and professional, normally open to students enrolled in a graduate program only, the School of Law, or the School or Medicine.

Symbols used in course descriptions:

* Course allowed for graduate credit to students enrolled in a graduate program. Normally, a graduate student enrolled in a starred course numbered below 500 is required to do extra work.

** Available for graduate credit except for graduate majors in the department.

May be repeated for credit because subject matter varies.

L Part of the course is laboratory work; hours of lecture and laboratory are given at end of description.

( ) Semester hours’ credit; credit-hours separated by a hyphen (1-3) indicates variable credit in the course.

[ ] Former course number or title.

{ } Session in which course is expected to be offered. Session indicated for the year courses (such as 301-302) refers to both semesters unless otherwise stated. Courses such as 551, 552, 599, 699 will be offered every session; no indication will be given unless it differs. Session offered for other courses not indicating this information must be obtained from department chairperson.

When a prerequisite course number is not preceded by a department designation, reference is to the department under which the prerequisite statement appears.

Course numbers appearing side-by-side (i.e., 300./500. or 500./300.) indicate there is also an undergraduate- or graduate-level offering of the course listed.

A schedule of course offerings, including hours of meeting, is issued at the opening of each session. The University reserves the right to cancel, or substitute instructors.

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