Undergraduate Program

Rachele Duke, Ortega Hall 327C  

Minor Study Requirements

Fifteen credit hours of coursework distributed as follows:

  • 6 credit hours of Italian language above the 1130-2130 level.
  • At least 9 credit hours of courses at the 200- and/or 300-level in Art History, Film and Digital Media, or History when content is appropriate. Certain courses in Latin may also apply. All courses (including readings courses and seminars) are subject to prior approval by the Italian Undergraduate Advisor.


ITAL 1130. Accelerated Elementary Italian. (6)

ITAL 2130. Accelerated Intermediate Italian. (6)

ITAL 307. Survey of Italian Literature I. (3)

ITAL 308. Survey of Italian Literature II. (3)

ITAL 337. Topics in Italian Literature and Culture in Translation. (3 to a maximum of 6 Δ)

ITAL *475. Dante in Translation. (3)

ITAL 497. Undergraduate Problems. (1-6 to a maximum of 6 Δ)

ITAL 499. Honors Essay. (3)

ITAL 551. Graduate Problems. (3)


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