Introduction to Numerical Computing

MATH **375 (3)

(Also offered as CS *375)

An introductory course covering such topics as solution of linear and nonlinear equations; interpolation and approximation of functions, including splines; techniques for approximate differentiation and integration; solution of differential equations; familiarization with existing software.

Prerequisite: (**314 or **316 or **321) and (CS 151L or CS 152L or ECE 131L or PHYS 2415).

Prerequisites / Corequisites

Linear Algebra with Applications - MATH **314

Applied Ordinary Differential Equations - MATH **316

Linear Algebra - MATH **321

Computer Programming Fundamentals for Non-Majors - CS 151L

Computer Programming Fundamentals - CS 152L

Programming Fundamentals - ECE 131L

Computational Physics - PHYS 2415


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