MATH 1230 (3)

A study of plane trigonometry including the definitions of the fundamental trig functions using right angle triangle and unit circle approaches. Trig functions of any real number will be evaluated and the functions graphed along with their transformations. Trigonometric identities will be developed and demonstrated including multiple angle identities and identities developed from them. Inverse trigonometric functions will be developed and used to solve trigonometric equations. Trigonometric applications will be solved using right angle trigonometry and the laws of sines and cosines. Trigonometric methods will be applied to complex numbers and the use of 2D vectors and vector dot products.May be taken concurrently with 1240. (I)

Prerequisite: 1220 or ACT Math =>25 or SAT Math Section =>590 or ACCUPLACER Next-Generation Advanced Algebra and Functions =249-283.

Prerequisites / Corequisites

College Algebra - MATH 1220

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