Undergraduate Program

College of Arts and Sciences and English-Philosophy Program Undergraduate Admission Requirements

A minimum of 26 credit hours; 23 credit hours must be in courses acceptable toward graduation.

A cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00 on all work.

  • Transfer students must have a 2.00 transfer GPA.
  • Continuing UNM students must have a 2.00 institutional GPA.

Demonstrated academic achievement by satisfying the following:

  • Completion of General Education Curriculum: Communication.
  • Completion of General Education Curriculum: Mathematics and Statistics.
  • Completion of General Education Curriculum: Second Language.

Completion of English-Philosophy Program admission coursework with grades of "C" or better:

  • One ENGL course at 200-level or above.
  • PHIL 2210 and (PHIL 2220 or PHIL 2225).

Degree Offered

  • Bachelor of Arts in English-Philosophy (B.A.)

Major Study Requirements

Literature and philosophy courses in related periods should be taken concurrently when possible. Students are advised to consult regularly with English and Philosophy Departmental faculty advisors, and must obtain approval from a faculty advisor for course substitutions.

Students in the English-Philosophy program are not required to complete a minor.

The minimum requirement is 45 credit hours including:

  • 18 credit hours in English courses, including 12 credit hours from the 300-level or above. Recommended: ENGL 2510, 410.
  • 18 credit hours in Philosophy courses, including 12 credit hours from the 300-level or above. Recommended: PHIL 1120, and at least one of 352, 354, 358.
  • 6 credit hours additional of English or Philosophy from the 300-level or above.
  • PHIL *480.

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