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Branch Campuses

The University of New Mexico has as its primary responsibility the task of serving the citizens of the State by offering opportunities for higher education. Toward that purpose, the University also operates four Branch campuses–2-year colleges–which provide academic and vocational training leading to certificates, associate degrees and transfer to baccalaureate programs. Additionally, the University offers graduate and upper-division programs in Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Gallup and Taos.

Academic credits earned by students while attending a Branch campus of the University of New Mexico are transferable to appropriate schools and colleges on the main campus of the University. Academic credits are also transferable to other colleges and universities in New Mexico and other states on the same basis as credit earned on the main campus. Vocational-technical credits are readily transferable to similar programs at other institutions and may be acceptable upon petition to baccalaureate degree programs at the University of New Mexico and other baccalaureate institutions. Students enrolling at the Branch campuses should contact a representative from the baccalaureate college of their choice to determine which courses are applicable toward the degree desired.

All communication regarding entrance to the Branch campuses should be addressed to the appropriate Branch campus admissions office.

Health Sciences Rio Rancho Campus

The UNM Health Sciences Rio Rancho campus is leading the way in developing health educational programs designed for both traditional and non-traditional students so that they have the resources to practice throughout the region. At the UNM Health Sciences Rio Rancho campus, the goal is to provide life-long learning opportunities for students that will help them integrate seamlessly into the communities they wish to serve.

The campus is located adjacent to the Sandoval Regional Medical Center (SRMC) in the heart of Rio Rancho’s City Center within Sandoval County.  

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Health Sciences Rio Rancho Campus

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