Biomedical Engineering

Shuang (Sean) Luan, Director
Centennial Engineering Center 2041
MSC01 1141
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

Affiliated Faculty
William Bricker, Chemical and Biological Engineering
C. Jeffrey Brinker, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Heather Canavan, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Nick Carroll, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Bryce Chackerian, Molecular Genetics Microbiology
Eva Chi, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Alina Deshpande, Los Alamos National Laboratory 
Elizabeth L. Dirk, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Jeremy Edwards, Chemistry and Chemical Biology; Chemical and Biological Engineering
Trilce Estrada, Computer Science 
Julia Fulghum, Chemistry and Chemical Biology 
Steven W. Graves, Chemical and Biological Engineering 
Yan Guo, Cancer Center 
Sang M. Han, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Kerry Howe, Civil Engineering
Rashi Iyer, Los Alamos National Laboratory 
Bruna Jacobson, Computer Science 
Huining Kang, Cancer Center
Kent Kiehl, Psychology
Matthew Lakin, Computer Science
Gabriel P. Lopez, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Shuang (Sean) Luan, Computer Science
Andrew Mayer, Neurology
Deana Mercer, Orthopaedics
Melanie Moses, Computer Science
Abdullah Mueen, Computer Science 
Aaron Neumann, Pathology
Meeko Oishi, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Marek Osinski, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Marios Pattichis, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dimiter Petsev, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Stefan Posse, Physics and Astronomy
Christina Salas, Orthopaedics
Andrew Schuler, Civil Engineering
Rita Serda, Cancer Therapeutics
Andrew Shreve, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Darko Stefanovic, Computer Science
Julia Stephen, The Mind Research Network 
Mahmoud Reda Taha, Civil Engineering
Lydia Tapia, Computer Science
Margaret Werner-Washburne, Biology
David Whitten, Chemical and Biological Engineering
John E. Wood, Mechanical Engineering
Xiang Xue, Biochemistry Molecular Biology
Steve A. Young, Pathology


BME 517. Applied Biology for Biomedical Engineers. (3)

BME 518. Introduction to Bioinformatics. (3)

BME 544. Thermodynamics of Biological Systems. (3)

BME 547. Biomedical Engineering Research Practices. (3)

BME 551. Problems. (1-3, may be repeated once Δ)

BME 556. Protein and Nucleic Acid Engineering. (3)

BME 558. Methods of Analysis in Bioengineering. (3)

BME 567. Biomedical Engineering Seminar. (1, may be repeated seven times Δ)

BME 568. Computational Modeling for Bioengineering. (3)

BME 572. Biomaterials Engineering. (3)

BME 575. Biomechanics. (3)

BME 579. Tissue Engineering. (3)

BME 581. Colloidal Nanocrystals for Biomedical Applications. (3)

BME 598. Special Topics. (1-3, no limit Δ)

BME 599. Master's Thesis. (1-6, no limit Δ)

BME 699. Dissertation. (3-12, no limit Δ)

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