Emergency Medicine

Steven McLaughlin, Chair
Lindsay Eakes, Director
Department of Emergency Medicine, EMS Academy
The University of New Mexico School of Medicine
MSC11 6260
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

EMS Academy Advisement
Sierra Cushing, M.P.A., EMT-B, Supervisor of Student Success
(505) 272-5757

EMS Academy Leadership
Steven McLaughlin, M.D., Department Chair of Emergency Medicine
Lindsay Eakes, M.B.A., NRP, Director: EMS Academy and Paramedic Programs
Joshua Lopez, M.A., NRP, Director: Clinical Education
Whitney Barrett, M.D., EMS Academy Associate Medical Director
Darren Braude, M.D., M.P.H., EMT-P, EMS Academy Medical Director
Kimberly Pruett, M.D., EMS Academy Associate Medical Director

Clinical Faculty
Jenna White, M.D., FAEMS

Faculty Lead Instructors
Michael Jiron, B.A.A.S., NRP                                                                          
Brian Nees, M.B.A., NRP

Sr. Lecturers
Doug Gadomski, M.A., NRP
John Grassham, B.S., NRP
Trevor Mayschak, B.S., DiMM, NRP
Shelly McLaughlin, M.S., EMT-I
Jason Williams, B.S., NRP

Nathaniel Bland, B.S., NRP
Robert Buchanan, B.A., NRP
Matt Wolf, B.A.A.S., NRP

EMS Educator
Marvin Gouch, EMT-P

The Emergency Medical Services Academy offers EMS training courses from First Responder through Paramedic, continuing education, state and national license renewal opportunities for all levels of EMS, specialty courses, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Emergency Medical Services.

The mission of the Emergency Medical Services Academy is to provide outstanding prehospital medical education and educator training; to serve as a resource for EMS providers, particularly those in underserved areas of New Mexico; to pursue new knowledge and advance the practice of Emergency Medical Services.

The UNM School of Medicine EMS Academy is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs upon the recommendation of the Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Professions (CoAEMSP).


EMS 106. Emergency Medical Responder. (4)

EMS 113. EMT-Basic. (8)

EMS 120. Introduction to EMS System. (3)

EMS 142. EMT-Basic Lab. (2)

EMS 143. EMT-Intermediate Lab. (1)

EMS 151. EMT-I Clinical and Field Experience. (2)

EMS 180. EMT-Intermediate. (5)

EMS 193. Emergency Medicine Topics. (1-3, no limit Δ)

EMS 223. Principles of EMT Lab Instruction. (3, may be repeated once Δ)

EMS 309. Prehospital Emergency Medicine and Operations. (3)

EMS 310. Prehospital Pharmacology. (3)

EMS 311. Medical Assessment and Management. (3)

EMS 312. Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Emergencies. (3)

EMS 320. Medical Emergencies. (3)

EMS 321. Special Patient Populations. (2)

EMS 331. Trauma Emergencies. (2)

EMS 341. Paramedic Lab I. (2)

EMS 342. Paramedic Lab II. (2)

EMS 351. Paramedic Clinical Rotation I. (3)

EMS 352. Paramedic Clinical Rotation II. (4)

EMS 398. EMS Topics. (1-3 to a maximum of 15 Δ)

EMS 399. EMS Problems. (1-3 to a maximum of 6 Δ)

EMS 400. Advanced Assessment. (3)

EMS 403. Mountain Medicine. (3)

EMS 404. Technical Rescue Course. (3)

EMS 405. Austere Medicine. (3)

EMS 406. Mountain Medicine Lab I. (3, may be repeated once Δ)

EMS 408. Mountain Medicine Lab II. (3, may be repeated once Δ)

EMS 411. EMS Systems Management and Public Policy. (3)

EMS 412. EMS Service Operations. (3)

EMS 413. EMS Management Internship. (3)

EMS 421. EMS Education Internship. (3)

EMS 423. Principles of Paramedic Lab Instruction. (3)

EMS 424. Advanced Principles of Paramedic Lab Instruction. (3)

EMS 441. Principles of EMS Education. (3)

EMS 443. Educational Technology and Medical Simulation. (3)

EMS 454. Paramedic Field Internship. (4)

EMS 455. Disaster and Emergency Management. (3)

EMS 456. Social Dimension of Disaster. (3)

EMS 458. International Disasters. (3)

EMS 461. Advanced Pathophysiology. (3)

EMS 465. Advanced Paramedic Clerkship. (1-6, may be repeated once Δ)

EMS 469. Epidemiology and Statistics. (3)

EMS 470. EMS Research Analysis. (3)

EMS 475. Research in Acute Care. (3)

EMS 498. EMS Topics. (1-3 to a maximum of 15 Δ)

EMS 499. EMS Problems. (1-3 to a maximum of 6 Δ)

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