ANTH 482L / 582L (3)

(Also offered as EPS 482L)

Application of geological concepts to archaeological site formation with emphasis on pre-ceramic prehistory of the southwestern United States. Quaternary dating methods, paleoenvironment, landscape evolution, depositional environments. Quaternary stratigraphy, soil genesis, sourcing of lithic materials, site formation processes. Required field trip. (A)

Prerequisite: 1211 and 1211L and 2175 and GEOL 1110 and GEOL 1110L.

Restriction: junior standing.

{Alternate years}

Prerequisites / Corequisites

Archaeology in Practice [Archaeological Method and Theory] - ANTH 1211

Archaeology in Practice Laboratory [Archaeological Method and Theory Laboratory] - ANTH 1211L

World Archaeology - ANTH 2175

Physical Geology - GEOL 1110

Physical Geology Laboratory - GEOL 1110L

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