Principles of Biology: Cellular and Molecular Lecture and Laboratory

BIOL 2110C (4)

Adema, Denkers, Howe, Kennedy.

This course introduces students to major topics in general biology. This courses focuses on the principles of structure and function of living things at the molecular, cellular and organismic levels of organization. Major topics included are introduction to the scientific process, chemistry of cells, organization of cells, cellular respiration, photosynthesis, cell division, DNA replication, transcription, and translation. Two lectures, one discussion section.

Students who completed AP Chemistry in high school should see the instructor of record or a Biology department advisor.

Pre or corequisite: CHEM 1215(or CHEM 1217) and CHEM 1215L

Prerequisite: ((CHEM 1105 or ACT Math =>22 or SAT Math Section =>540) and ALEKS1 =>50%) or MATH 1220 or MATH 1230 or MATH 1240 or MATH 1250 or MATH 1430 or MATH 1440 or MATH 1512 or MATH 1522 or MATH 2531 or ACT Math =>25 or SAT Math Section =>590.

{Fall, Spring}

Prerequisites / Corequisites

General Chemistry I for STEM Majors - CHEM 1215

General Chemistry I for STEM Majors Laboratory - CHEM 1215L

Principles of Chemistry I - CHEM 1217

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