Media Ethics and Law

COMM 2135 (3)

The material will introduce you to the history of ethics and sources of our American legal system. We will examine how the law and ethical action are chosen and evolve through resolution of a dilemma - a choice between countervailing interests. Foundational principles, expressed in our charter documents, carry through those areas of law which are most critical to media: We'll examine fundamentals of law, of First Amendment, libel, privacy, open government, copyright and commercial speech. Consequently, this course's content will be relevant in every other Communication course you take between now and your completion of your degree program.

Pre- or corequisite: 1140, and MATH 1130 or MATH 1220 or MATH 1240 or MATH 1250 or MATH 1350 or MATH 1430 or MATH 1512 or MATH 2118 or UHON 202. 

Prerequisites / Corequisites

Introduction to Media Writing - COMM 1140

Survey of Mathematics - MATH 1130

College Algebra - MATH 1220

Pre-Calculus - MATH 1240

Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus - MATH 1250

Introduction to Statistics - MATH 1350

Applications of Calculus I - MATH 1430

Calculus I - MATH 1512

Mathematics for Elementary and Middle School Teachers III - MATH 2118

Seminar in Mathematics in the World - HNRS 2221

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