Composition II

ENGL 1120 (3)

In this course, students will explore argument in multiple genres. Research and writing practices emphasize summary, analysis, evaluation, and integration of secondary sources. Students will analyze rhetorical situations in terms of audience, contexts, purpose, mediums, and technologies and apply this knowledge to their reading, writing, and research. Students will sharpen their understanding of how writing and other modes of communication work together for rhetorical purposes. The emphasis of this course will be on research methods. (EPW)

Meets New Mexico General Education Curriculum Area 1: Communication.

Prerequisite: 1110 or 1110Y or 1110Z or ACT English =26-28 or SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing =660-690 or Lobo Course Placement (LCP)-English =30.

Prerequisites / Corequisites

Composition I - ENGL 1110

Composition I: Stretch I and II - ENGL 1110X–1110Y

Enhanced Composition - ENGL 1110Z

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