EPS 482L (3)

(Also offered as ANTH 482L / 582L)

Application of geological concepts to archaeological site formation with emphasis on pre-ceramic prehistory of the southwestern United States. Quaternary dating methods, paleoenvironment, landscape evolution, depositional environments. Quaternary stratigraphy, soil genesis, sourcing of lithic materials, site formation processes. Required field trip.

Prerequisite: ANTH 1211 and ANTH 1211L and ANTH 2175 and GEOL 1110 and GEOL 1110L. 

Restriction: junior or senior standing.

{Alternate Years}

Prerequisites / Corequisites

Archaeology in Practice [Archaeological Method and Theory] - ANTH 1211

Archaeology in Practice Laboratory [Archaeological Method and Theory Laboratory] - ANTH 1211L

World Archaeology - ANTH 2175

Physical Geology - GEOL 1110

Physical Geology Laboratory - GEOL 1110L

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