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Message from the President

Another year has come and gone at one of the finest research institutions in the nation, and with that brings exciting new opportunities, challenges and changes.  This academic year, more than 4,000 students will graduate from UNM and will be ready to use their skills and talents in a wide range of sectors.  This coming year will also bring exciting new changes to our incoming freshmen who will begin their academic journey at UNM.

The University has come together these past few months and developed a new conceptual framework around which all of UNM’s operations are centered.  Each area is now aligned and connected to our four key areas of focus: Student Success, Excellence in Research, Healthy Communities, and Economic and Community Development.  Together, we have created a strategy centered on excellence and we will work to make each one of the more than 200 degree programs described in this catalog as strong and rewarding as possible.  In addition to the support that I know the faculty and staff are ready to provide, there are many student services, interest groups, extra-curricular and residence life activities that are ready and waiting to help support the mission, vision and values of UNM.

Today, more than ever, our University needs to be ready to meet the needs of an ever-changing global society.  In doing so, we have developed an exciting set of curriculum from which to choose.  Please join us in meeting the changes and challenges that face our University, city, state, nation and world.  We’re looking forward to the next exciting set of opportunities that awaits each one of us.  Welcome to the University of New Mexico!

Go Lobos!

President's Signature
David J. Schmidly


Carolyn J. Abeita, Isleta Pueblo
Donald L. Chalmers, Santa Fe
Jack L. Fortner, Farmington
J.E. “Gene” Gallegos, Santa Fe
Bradley C. Hosmer, Cedar Crest
James H. Koch, Santa Fe
Jacob Wellman, Albuquerque


The Honorable Susana Martinez
Governor of New Mexico, Santa Fe

Hanna Skandera
Secretary-Designate of Public Education, Santa Fe

Jose Garcia
Secretary of Higher Education, Santa Fe


David J. Schmidly, Ph.D. President
Josephine De Leon, Ph.D. Vice President Equity and Inclusion
Jeronimo Dominguez, Ph.D. Vice Provost Extended University
Julia E. Fulghum, Ph.D. Vice President, Research
David W. Harris, B.B.A. Executive Vice President Administration
Gilbert Gonzales, Ph.D. Chief Information Officer
Elizabeth Miller, Ph.D. Acting Director, UNM-West
Paul Roth, M.D. Chancellor, Health Sciences Center
Helen Gonzales, M.B.A. Vice President Human Resources
Eliseo Torres, Ed.D. Vice President, Student Affairs
Suzanne Trager Ortega, Ph.D. Provost/Executive Vice President Academic Affairs


Martha Bedard, M.L.S. University Libraries
Douglas M. Brown, M.B.A.. Dean of Robert O. Anderson School of Management
Brenda J. Claiborne, Ph.D. College of Arts and Sciences
Uday Desai, Ph.D. School of Public Administration/Director
Richard Howell, Ph.D. College of Education
Geraldine Forbes Isais, M.A . School of Architecture and Planning
James Linnell, Ph.D. College of Fine Arts
Rita Martinez Purson, Ph.D. Division of Continuing Education
Donald Godwin, Ph.D., Interim, Pharm.D. College of Pharmacy
Nancy Ridenour, Ph.D. College of Nursing
Catalin Roman, Ph.D. School of Engineering
Paul B. Roth, M.D. School of Medicine
Kevin Washburn, J.D. School of Law
Amy Wohlert, Ph.D. Dean of Graduate Studies


Sylvia Andrew, Ph.D. Executive Director, Gallup Campus
Alice Letteney, Ph.D. Executive Director, Valencia Campus
Catherine M. “Kate” O’Neill, Ed.D. Executive Director, Taos Campus
Cedric Page, Ph.D. Executive Director, Los Alamos Campus


Karen Abraham, Ed.D. Alumni Relations/ Executive Director, Alumni Association
Polly Anderson, B.A. General Manager/CEO, KNME-TV
Mark P. Chisholm, M.S. Institutional Research
Jennifer Crabb, M.A. Career Services
Andrew Cullen, B.B.A., M.L.A. Associate Vice President Institutional Planning
Robert Doran, A.I.A. University Architect
Wynn Goering, Ph.D. Vice Provost Academic Affairs
Alexander Gonzalez, B.S. Registrar
Kathleen Guimond, B.A. Chief of Police
Richard Holder, Ph.D. Deputy Provost, Academic Affairs
Mary Kenney, M.A.P.A., M.A.C.R.P. Associate Director, Health Sciences Center Facility Planning
Elizabeth G. Kerkmans, B.A. Assistant Controller/Bursar
Beverly Kloeppel, M.D. Director, Student Health Center
Kimmerly Kloeppel, M.P.A., Dean of Students/Director of Residence Life
Paul Krebs, M.A. Vice President Athletics
Ava Lovell, B.S., C.P.A. Vice President Business and Finance, University Controller
Brian Malone, M.B.A. Student Financial Aid
Stephen McKernan, M.A. CEO, The University of New Mexico Hospital
Susan McKinsey, M.A. Director University Communication & Marketing
Walter Miller, Ed.D. Associate Vice President, Student Development/Director, New Mexico Union
Rosalie Otero, Ph.D. University Honors and Undergraduate Seminar Program
Manilal Patel, C.P.A. Internal Audit
K. Lee Peifer, J.D. Interim, University Counsel
Curtis Porter, M.A. Associate Vice President Planning, Budget & Analysis
Theresa Ramos, M.A. Interim Director, Office of Equal Opportunity
Marc Saavedra, B.A. Director, Office of Government Affairs
Melanie Sparks, B.A. Director of Bookstores, Lobo Card
Tom Tkach, M.F.A. Director, Popejoy, Public Events
Vivian Valencia, B.B.A. Secretary of the University
Chris Vallejos, M.B.A. Associate Vice President Business Development & Auxillary Enterprises
Mary Vosevich, B.S. Director, Physical Plant Department
Cheryl Willman, M.D. Director, The University of New Mexico Cancer Research and Treatment Center

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